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Finding quality accommodation at the right price can be a hard task for the larger family. For some hotels meeting that need can also be a hard task with space constraints.

Or what about those Park and Fly guests? 

Want to meet these needs? Now you can with the innovative RASCAL sofa bed.



The innovative design of the RASCAL means you don’t need a lot of space. The RASCAL adjusts along its length, rather than pulling out into the body of the room, to provide a 7’ long or 6’3” bed when extended. This means it does not restrict floor space in the same way as some other sofa beds and allows continuous freedom of movement around the room.

Park Edge has already supplied RASCALS to:

The Hilton - Blackpool
The Coniston Hotel - Skipton
Hayley Hotel - Scotland

With its sturdy beech frame and sprung seat, the RASCAL offers comfortable quality seating in any setting, but remember the beauty of the RASCAL lies in the unique and innovative way that it converts from a sofa to a bed.

Is your hotel near an Airport and the demand for that over night pre-flight stay is high, but space is short, then try the RASCAL sofa bed as a solution.

What ever your needs, your customers will appreciate the versatility and the comfort!

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