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With its sturdy beech frame and sprung seat, the RASCAL offers comfortable quality seating in any setting, but the beauty of the RASCAL lies in the unique and innovative way that it converts from a sofa to a bed.

The RASCAL adjusts along its length, rather than pulling out into the body of the room, to provide a 7’ long or 6’3” bed when extended. This means it does not restrict floor space in the same way as some other sofa beds and allows continuous freedom of movement around the room.


The sofa converts to a bed with the minimum of fuss. Near the base of each arm is a lever, which can be easily pulled forward to release the unlocking mechanism. Each arm can then be rotated in turn until it lies flat in line with the seat of the sofa.



Quite simply done in seconds, the bed is then ready to be made up with standard bunk bedding.......it’s as easy as that!

All in all, the RASCAL’s compact shape and unique innovative features provide maximum comfort and versatility in a small space, with little effort and disruption

The RASCAL, is also available in a 9” shorter version known as the Little RASCAL. It can be ordered in a wide range of contract specification fabrics, all Flame Retardant to Crib 5 and tested to a minimum 30k rubs. In addition each model is available either with fixed chrome legs or a fitted valance and castors, to suit your needs. It comes in 2 sizes:


Rascal dimensions W1600mm x H810mm x D890mm / fully extended W2180mm
Little Rascal dimensions W1370mm x H810mm x D890mm / fully extended W1960mm



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